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Cybersecurity - What Directors Need to Ask

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cyber security is a huge concern for boards worldwide, but the subject can feel like a black box of technical jargon to those charged with its oversight. Join Ericsson director Nora Denzel as she moderates a panel of leading security executives from Lennar, RCCL and AutoNation. On the frontlines of ...

NACD Florida Breakfast Roundtables on Social Media

NACD Florida December Breakfast Roundtable Events

Nearly 100 NACD members and guests took advantage of our two recent breakfast roundtable events in Tampa and Coral Gables. Deloitte leaders, Deborah DeHaas, Vice Chairman, Chief Inclusion Officer and National Managing Partner, and Jennifer Chico, U.S. Managing Director of Marketing and Communications led the discussions about Managing Brand Risk in an Age of Social Media. Three key take away points were to (1) ask Chief   Marketing Officers to report to the board about both the positives and negatives the company is facing in social media, (2) have a play book and a  team of experts in place to respond to a social media crisis before it happens and (3) proactively make social media a part of your board agenda. 

Attached, you will find the LinkedIn 101 information that Jennifer Chico   referenced in her presentation, and you can access the blog post that was included in the meeting handouts;

Tampa Breakfast Roundtable - December 2017Coral Gables Breakfast Roundtable - December 2017


Deloitte shared a "placemat" of valuable information, highlighting the Top Questions Boards and Directors Should Consider Asking the CMO and CRO: 

1) Are we demonstrating our core values across social media?

2) Is our messaging on social media platforms consistent with our core values?

3) Do we have the data and analytics to show that our actions on social media live up to our brand promise?

4) Do we have weaknesses that can be exploited on social media? What are they and how do we mitigate exposure?

5) What are our competitors doing on social media that we are not doing?

6) Is there a crisis management plan or playbook for a social media incident?

7) What are the potential scenarios in which our brand could be damaged?

8) Which tools are we using to monitor our social media channels and conversations about the brand? How are we using the insights to inform our strategy and mitigate risk?

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